North Coast 

The Skeena region is a place of adventure and friendship. Adventure anglers come from all over the world to fish the rivers near Terrace. Prolific runs of salmon, Steelhead as well as resident salmonids can be found in the rivers of the Skeena system year round.

Adventure angler Dieter searches for salmonids in a massive Skeena river riffle.

Friendships made on the banks of the Skeena last lifetimes.

Three anglers share the joy of a summer Coho.

First time adventure angler Nadine with her Skeena river Steelhead.

Early September is a great time to catch fresh summer run Steelhead in the Skeena system rivers.

This amazing buck Steelhead was taken on the legendary Sustut river using  a wet fly technique.

Your Skeena River Adventure awaits!
Although winter can be cold and snowy, early spring is a great time to find Steelhead trout and Spring salmon in the rivers.

Summer is prime time for 5 species of salmon, including Spring salmon, Coho salmon, Chum salmon and Pink salmon.

Another chrome steelhead weighs in as part of a day's catch.

During the fall, anglers target steelhead trout. If conditions are favourable, steelhead can be taken using dry line techniques. Weather permitting, steelhead fishing continues well into October and even November.

This large Skeena river Steelhead took the fly way out in a shallow riffle.

This Steelhead trout was taken using a dry fly technique on a Skeena tributary.

The Coast Mountain Angler can recommend the following accommodations:

Fisherman's #1 B&B

Located near Terrace, B.C., this accommodation offers self guided tours with an option to use a vehicle and river boat. Your catch can be professionally processed, smoked and packaged by the owner Klaus Flach. Please click on the link provided on the adventure links page and inquire directly to find out more.

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