The Coast Mountain Angler Journal and Photo Gallery

Journal entry October 18, 2009:

What a day! My guide and I drifted the lower Squamish River. We pulled up to a lovely riffle and it did not take long before a silver bright salmon grabbed my fly! The salmon took out most of my line in a heartbeat and jumped six or seven times. I had consisted action all day, with bright chum salmon snapping willingly at my fly.

Nice fish! Ehor with a "snapper!".
Ehor B., Horseshoe Bay, B.C..

Journal entry October 2008:

A group of Danish sport anglers visited the south coast region to catch salmon on the fly. The group spent two days on the Squamish river and had fantastic conditions. 

A Danish sport angler and a coast mountain angler guide enjoy a sunny day.

Journal entry October 25, 2008:

My guide said that its the peak season for Chum salmon today. He wasn't kidding. Not only did we hit fish after fish but my guide put me on a piece of water that was a favourite for the large fish. On my first cast almost, this large salmon came out of nowhere and hit the fly so hard I lost my footing. When I got the salmon in, I could not believe its size. Those two days I spent on the Squamish river were the best days of fishing I have ever had.

Deo A. from Calgary with a large female Chum salmon.

Journal entry October 2007:

We used the raft to access the far side of the Squamish river and got into a few fresh chum salmon. It took me a while to set my gear just right but once I had it set perfectly, I kept hitting fish after fish.

Mike Lee with one of his fresh chum salmon.

Journal entry September 2007:

My guide rowed me and my dog down the lower Squamish river. Its so peaceful to float down the river on a beautiful fall day - until we got to a little riffle. I started casting to a likely spot and a salmon jumped on the fly as soon as it hit the water. I didn't land the first one but I got the third one in for a quick photo. What a thrill! 

Thanks Niko! Susan O., New Westminster

Journal entry November 16, 2007:

The weather and scenery were spectacular. I spotted over 50 eagles, encountered a dozen seals and even got a glimpse of wild mountain goats on a craggy cliff at the "Goat Run".
My guide said we might find large Coho salmon in the upper river. We ended up having a fantastic day of catching silver Coho salmon as well as plenty of Dolly Varden char. That wild Squamish river is so beautiful and the fishing so good, I am already booking my trip for next year!

Here I am on the lower river with a Chum salmon.
Oliver N., London, England

Journal entry October 16, 2007:

Drifted the Squamish river today looking for fresh Chum salmon. Drifting the river with the guide doing all the work sure is relaxing. Its soothing just to hear the watter loll against the raft. We hit one salmon right off the bat. But when we hit a non descript riffle, I had one of the most electric fly fishing sessions. Large Chum salmon were snapping at the fly in the fast water and I hit about a dozen salmon and landed six, including this beauty.

Thank you Coast Mountain Angler for sharing this river and some of its secrets with me.
Mike G., Ohio

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